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Guitar/Vocals: Matt Clark
Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals: Nino Ruberto
Drums/Backing Vocals: Chris Semsey
Bass/Backing Vocals: Bryan Higgins


released September 24, 2015

Recorded at The Sound Anvil Studios
Black Mountain, North Carolina
Recorded, mixed and produced by Rob Webb
Album Art by Alyssa Ruberto
All Songs Written by Matt Clark and Nino Ruberto
Special thanks to Thor and Odin for their guidance



all rights reserved


Shadow Show Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Stroker
I thought I had a way with words but it seems they have their way with me instead
And in my head I am between insanity and the sum of all I’ve ever read
It feels external but its internal, I wrestle these lines down to the page
I’m going berserk, ripping off my shirt, conquering my fear of the stage

I swear I’m not the one who chooses when this spark happens to ignite
And it doesn’t seem to matter what I’ve sparked up in an attempt to help me write
I’ll admit it does amuse me that all the girls who’ve ever used me are my muses now
And I’m locked up in my bedroom thinking of them while I stroke this out

And every time I see two crows it interrupts my status quo
Even though I know they should be ravens and I’m just looking for an omen
Track Name: Play - Dough
It’s been a while since the days, back before you could say my name
But those were the days that I liked the best, we held our dreams close to our chests
These empty rooms, these empty rooms, the birds have flown the nest too soon
Watching Saturday morning cartoons feels like it was just this afternoon

You and me are never going to be anything but what the world and we are shaping us to be
Like clay, like play-doh, we used to play with back when we were young and so naïve.

In my dreams they come and tell me of all the things that I’ve done wrong
These corporate phantoms with their agendas will not smile until we’re gone
So break the cycle, break the cycle, while I cycle through these rhymes
I can say I’d make the same mistake if I lived a million times.

I used to be so impressionable, I wonder when it was that stopped
I used to be so impressionable, must have gone out with the ignorance that I dropped.
Track Name: Color of Blood
If clouds could speak what would they say when such a shade of somber gray
Their pent up rain kept coming down
When all is soaked but lively green and winter fades just like a dream
Will doubts just seep into the ground
Seasons change, all things resume, we will be planting bodies soon
The truth of this of which we had no notion
“You’re welcome here” the proud lord said, and as we slept in foreign beds
A darker plan was put in motion

There I sat and there I stood
As they painted the floor the color of blood

And if the stones could hear the screams and all the curses in between
Would they echo our surprise
Don’t throw caution to the wind unless you can reel it back in
Before deceit chokes your reply
Too late to act, the truth laid bare, but lesson learned: always beware
The kind of loyalty that’s bought
And take care who you count as friends until you know all they intend
Words are just words until they’re not

To have you dangling from a tree is too fair a price for your treachery
So cast a look over your shoulder
And warm your bones while you still can, you’ll find no comfort in our hands
The north wind blowing makes a vengeance even colder
Track Name: Misty
A chill to the bone comes down from the throne
A bed on the loam, distant shores, where is my home
I’ve never been so cold, the side effects of growing old
What’s been foretold, her memory will never lose its hold on me

She’s taking shape

Ethereal skin, her hair, her eyes all draw me in
A boreal wind, blown off course, trap the warmth within
I’m looking to the stars, her siren song has got me breathing hard
I’m getting way too used to wanting her from so very far away
Track Name: Apex
I’ve been having trouble keeping track of all the time
I’ve spent adrift, not spinning round anything when a day can’t be defined
I’ve chosen to go forward to avoid a life of looking back
Yours is the only atmosphere for me out here amidst the black

Label me a madman because I refuse to face the facts
But I have accepted that I won’t be coming back

This Biocentric point of view that I have totally subscribed to
I fear is really leading me astray
And interstellar wandering should only be attempted when
The calculations have mapped out the way
Major Tom had ground control, this mission is mine and mine alone
Got thoughts and memories in place of crew
And we’re all made of stars I know but where the hell’s a spirit go
What afterlife has taken hold of you

If it’s true that matter cannot be created or destroyed
That means there’s something left of you somewhere in the void
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the physical is not enough
I need to find your familiar energy
But how many lifetimes would it take to account for all this empty space
And all the possibilities of just where you could be

There’s a whole lot of space out there and my lungs aren’t getting any air
(only a little bit left of me)

You were what kept the heart beating in my chest
But I was never very good at holding my breath